Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Look what I made!

My cousin Laura taught me how to do some basic things with wire and beads a few months ago, and since then I've been doing that kind of stuff as an art activity at the BGC every so often.

Usually, I end up making myself a bracelet, which shortly thereafter I get begged for: "But Amanda it's so pretty! I don't have the patience, it's just my size, those are my favorite colors, you made one for so-and-so..." Until I give the bracelet to one of my kids.

But today I kept my creation! I think it's pretty, though not too fancy or anything :)


  1. That is really beautiful. I love turquoise with copper. Have you ever thought about selling them on Etsy?

  2. No, because I'm not very good yet! My loops are uneven a lot, and I don't have very many nice tools yet. But once I get better at it then definitely!