Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just Like Dad

I sometimes forget how much boys want to be just like their fathers. Since lots of the time it's just Buddy and me, I try to make sure we do "guy stuff" like playing sports, trucks, playing pretend games like "pirates" and "knights"... but there are some things I just can't do. And Buddy reminded me of that this week!

I just got my tax refund back, so I told Buddy I would treat him to a toy from Shopko. We went to the toy aisle, and I assumed we were going to pick up a new superhero, since that's what Buddy has been into recently. Instead:
He got a toy razor set. Complete with kid friendly shaving cream, a plastic razor, comb, mirror, and one of those cool brushes to put shaving cream on with.

He played in the bath with that stuff forEVER, and wanted to take another bath the next morning to play with it again! The whole time, he was telling me how Daddy did it, and trying to be exactly the same.

I can't help feeling a little inadequate. I doubt copying me shaving my legs would be quite so fun. I just have to remember that boys and their dad's have a special bond, and although our relationship is different, we do great things together too.

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