Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kids Gone Wild!

On Wednesday, Buddy's preschool class took a field trip to Jim Peck's Wildwood Wildlife Park, in Minocqua. It was quite the eventful day! To begin with, we tried to cram 82 people onto a yellow school bus. School bus capacity is 83, and I think that's assuming it's all children. Trying to fit 2 kids and a parent chaperone into a seat was NOT a comfortable ride. Then on our way there, one of the 3 year olds from our group (there were 3 child care centers on the bus) threw up all over. Poor guy, but also EWWWWW.

Once we got there and split up, we realized that the chaperoning ratio was WAY off. the 3 year old class had 5 kids and 4 chaperones, whereas our class had 14 kids and 3 chaperones. Chaos ensued, until I organized it so each parent had a group of kids to watch over. We ended up just splitting up into our groups, and then we had a blast!

Buddy and his friends surrounding a black pig.

Buddy's favorite girl from his preschool class, and a bunny.
The animal whisperer. Seriously, this kid was amazing.

A baby deer!

Buddy and friend anxiously waiting for a peacock to leave since "peacocks are mean".
Buddy climbing through a tunnel in the prairie-dog exhibit

My group of kids.

Buddy and friend making "llama faces". I don't get it either, don't worry!

The baby deer hiding under an exhibit.

I'm really irritated with these pictures, since I had a smudge on my lense the whole time and didn't realize until I got home. But at least it's some sort of record of us going!

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