Friday, June 3, 2011


Buddy graduated today! Unfortunately, although I came prepared with regular camera and video camera in tow, it turned out that my regular camera was out of batteries. So until Buddy's father or grandmother (on father's side) manage to get me pictures, I don't have anything to show! Well, I have a home video, but it's like 30 minutes long and probably boring to anyone who isn't Buddy's mom.

Anyway, he was amazingly excited about graduation, and I've finally made up my mind about where he's going to 4K. I'm biting the bullet and paying the extra money to send him to a Montessori school, where my advanced (academically) boy can continue to learn some (REALLY not advanced) social skills and yet continue to grow and learn.

I spent a lot of time looking at different programs, and trying to figure out what was the best not just for next year, but for continuity throughout school. The Montessori school is not only in a brand new building, but has the option of continuing the program through elementary school. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want him there for that long, but it offers stability if it ends up being something Buddy needs. Also, all the other 4K programs don't seem to have any plans for children who are advanced, such as Buddy. I got a copy of the curriculums for a few different schools, and Buddy has already (before the school year even starts) mastered all of the skills except for a few large motor skills.

Anyway, before this gets too long, finally both Buddy and I have a plan for school and I'm pumped. Also graduation pics to come.

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