Friday, June 10, 2011

Nap Nightmares: Part 3

As anyone who reads this with any regularity knows, Buddy and I have been having nap issues for quite a few months now. Finally, his dad and I decided to cut naps altogether, and only mandate a "quiet rest" for 45 minutes or so where he stays in his bedroom on his bed. I usually let him read books, or color on his magna-doodle, or play quietly with a truck or two... anything as long as it is quiet and calm. Sometimes he falls asleep, sometimes he doesn't.

This week has been our first week of true summer, and I may have been going overboard with activities since Buddy and I have been enjoying doing "whatever we want!" for the past few days. And since we've been so busy, I've only made him lay down for a half hour or so, and he's never fallen asleep.

So, hilariously, after we went to the library today and played with some friends, I sent Buddy into his room for quiet time.

Mom, Dad, does this look familiar? My kid read himself to sleep. Even used a book as a blanket!



  1. Woohoo! My first comment! Unfortunately, it's an Anonymous smiley. Oh well!!!