Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I am a horrible mother. I have now consistently broken the same promise to my son every day for a week!

So, since about April, Buddy has been begging to go to the Rothschild Pool. He sees it when we drive on the highway and gets all excited, since our friend Katy works there in the summers. And I promised him that the first day of our summer break, we would go.

Well, that didn't happen. It's been a week, and we still haven't made it to the pool!
Wednesday: It was 90 degrees and sunny, perfect weather for the pool. Except:
I was not taking my sunburned skin outside again.
Thursday: Weather dropped to the 50's, rainy and cloudy. Bad weather, no pool.
Friday: same story.
Saturday: too busy, soccer, swam inside at the YMCA, and got wrapped up in things at home.
Sunday: nice weather again, but Buddy was naughty so we couldn't go
Monday-Tuesday: Buddy was at his dad's house
Wednesday: bad weather again.

Poor guy has been asking for 8 days now, and every day all I can say is "maybe tomorrow?"


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