Sunday, April 17, 2011

Disaster Strikes!

Ok, I meant to give an update about the whole Chuck E. Cheese party thing earlier, but it was an exhausting day, and I haven't had the energy to write about it until now.

Long story short: the party SUCKED.

Well, the kids didn't hate it. The actual party part, that was fun for them. But, here is a list of everything that went wrong, starting from 9 am that morning before we went!

1) go shopping at Shopko for a present for the birthday boy. Get all the way through the checkout line, just to realize my debit card is in my other coat. Awesome.

2) While running up my cement stairs in a hurry to grab said card, I trip and fall. Scrape my hand, rip up my foot, and hurt my knee.

3) My ride gets here. It turns out Buddy and I are expected to fit into a 2-door car that already has 3 other people in it. NO. Not for a 2 hour car ride. I clean out my Mommy-van, and put $50 worth of gas in so we can all fit comfortably. (I didn't have a spare $50. No good.)

4) The boys (Buddy and his cousin) fight like cats and dogs the whole ride down. Hitting, stealing toys, etc.

5) We get there, on time, as was the plan. The birthday boy and family? Don't get there for another 45 minutes.

6) As we wait, the weather gets worse. Sleet, wind, cold, gross.

7) Even after birthday boy shows up, we have to wait in a crowded line for 15 minutes. Buddy has missed his nap, crabby, and bored.

8) Party starts, but birthday boy's mom is disorganized and hasn't planned for food/beverages/game tokens for all the guests. I shell out more money.

Anyway, after all that garbage, the actual party was fun. Buddy enjoyed the games, he always loves giving people presents, and he had fun with his cousin. But then we had to endure the drive home, and Buddy was crabby until I finally got him to bed at night.

Pictures to come, but just trust me. It was a gloomy, frustrating day.

EDIT: I know this has become ridiculously long. but, here are a few pictures that I stole from my cousin, who I carpooled with.

Our first glimpse of Chuck E. Cheese's

The wild boys, plus Mama chaperone. I look haggard. I can't even blame this on "bad picture", It was a miserable day.

We went here while wasting time before the birthday family got here. It was actually kind of cool, first time I've been there!

Walking in. I'm separating the boys, since they've been fighting for 2 hours at that point.

Demanding that the boys take one nice picture. Seriously, look at the forced grins on their faces!

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