Thursday, April 14, 2011

Real Life!

So, usually Buddy and I are pretty isolated. We mostly do our own thing, stranded in our own universe of mommy-and-kiddo.
But this week, we've been social!
Buddy' dad picked him up on Monday afternoon and kept him till Wednesday morning, so I got to spend some time with my much neglected friends. What I found: I can't keep up with the party crowd AT ALL anymore! That's right, I went out on Monday night and tried to party. It lasted maybe 3 hours. Then, before midnight, I went home and went to sleep! Because I'm lame. The same sort of thing happened Tuesday night, except I had a friend come visit me here at home. She got here around 4, and by 8 pm I was kicking her out! Hey, Mama relishes her alone time.

Buddy is getting to be social too, which is much more exciting. We had a short playdate tonight, we are going to the circus with some boys tomorrow night, and on Saturday we are going to Chucky Cheese's! Expect pictures.
I'm really excited about this development, since usually I feel like the fact that I'm a young mom hurts Buddy's social life. But I'm going to be out with 2 other young mammas, and Buddy will get to hang out with friends!

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