Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day!

Mama loves Earth Day. Seriously, I love it. So I was looking for crafts and activities to do today for probably a week in advance. Of course, hardly any of my ideas happened, but Buddy had his own creative thoughts and I went with it!

We started the morning off with a litter walk. This was Buddy's idea, since when I asked him what we should do for Earth Day he said "Pick up the earth, duh!" 
We also invited a few of the extended family members. Unfortunately, we went to a park that was surprisingly clean, and it was freezing outside! Buddy really got into the idea of cleaning up, and once we dropped off the friend we went back and did some more "litter walking" around our neighborhood. I think my bud was proud of himself for making a noticeable difference, and he wants to do another clean-up soon!

You know you're a hippy when it's not an issue of finding an appropriate shirt for Earth Day, but an issue of picking just one! Buddy's is an ice-cream earth that says "save some for me", mine is an earth with different colored hands holding it up saying "we're all in this together".

Our Earth Day craft (that I picked), an Earth luminary. I used tissue paper, mod-podge, a circular candle-holder, and a paintbrush.

Buddy hard at work, cutting up the tissue paper and then painting it on. He did NOT like it when the mod-podge got on his fingers, so I had to hold the glass and the tissue paper on while he painted. Hence, awkward photos, it's tough to take a picture one-handed and all sticky :)

The finished project! It looks cute, I'm proud of it. Buddy didn't like making the "continents", so there are only 3. But it's still nice!

And this was Buddy's idea for a craft, he just wanted to color an earth and make some promises to it! I traced a bowl for the outline, and let Buddy draw the continents and then color them in. My favorite of Buddy's promises is "Keep room clean (Mom too!)". His words, not mine!

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