Saturday, April 9, 2011

Children's Festival

You know, Mama is NOT rich. So I'm always looking for events to take Buddy to that are either free or VERY cheap. Luckily, our downtown area offers a ton of things like this, and I'm usually only a quick car trip away!

Today, we went to the Children's Festival. It's an event  that I remember going to with MY family, so of course I invited Grandpa along. And it was very nostalgic! Every station I went to I would say "Dad, remember that one year where we made a birdhouse? And David (the brother) and I fought over who would pound in the nails?"
"Dad, remember that one year where they had a giant ear that you walked through to get to the hearing test?"
"Dad, remember when I made that button with the feathers on it?"

Dad, of course, remembered none of these fond memories.

But Buddy got to make some new memories! The coolest station was the Noon Optimists, they gave out nails and assorted pieces of wood, along with safety goggles and a hammer, and let the kids go wild! Buddy (with lots of help from Grandpa) made an awesome "police car" and the wheels actually spin! He's working on decorating it as we speak.

Of course, because I'm a bad Mama, I didn't bring my camera to the Children's Fest. But, I did force Buddy to stand still with his car for a couple pictures when we got home!

(as seems right, you can see my Coke Zero and a Stephen King book on the couch. This is pretty much an all time accessory.)

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