Friday, April 15, 2011

He floats through the air with the greatest of ease...

Tonight was the circus! It was a cute, little circus. It only had horses and dogs, the performers were second rate, and the acts were kinda, well, lame.
Unless you are a 4-year-old.

The kid was in awe!
And thinking about it, I guess it was pretty cool. There was a fire breather (although I missed the picture where he actually blew fire "like a dragon" as Buddy says), a contortionist, people doing tricks on horses, a clown, a juggler, a hula-hooper, and probably more things I can't remember.
My camera is horrible, and the lighting was weird, so these aren't the greatest pictures. But Buddy says they need to go up!
The fire dancer.

The clown making grown men shake their booty. Buddy laughed hysterically.

The contortionist. She was VERY young, and Buddy said "she is gorgeous!". She did more impressive stuff, but I was too in awe to take pictures.

The juggler, pre- and post- Michael Jackson transformation.

Buddy and his cousin.

They were super wired, and all their pictures together looked goofy!

The tightrope walker. She kinda sucked.

The horse people. There was a little girl who did horse stuff too.

Anyway, that was our night! And tomorrow we're going to Chuck E. Cheese in Green Bay for another friend's birthday, which should also be amazing :)

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