Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'll Stop Procrastinating... Tomorrow.

Today, I had 2 exams for school. In a row. One for Calc 3, and one for Conservation.
Not the best timing, but I can handle it, right?

Except I did my typical thing, and didn't REALLY start to study until yesterday morning! I kept thinking "Oh, I still have 3 days. Oh, I still have 2 days, Oh, I still have 36 hours..."

Then 9 am yesterday morning came. And I actually started to study, rather than just skimming through the homework. And I panicked! I realized I was not ready, at all. I immediately dropped all other plans and settled down for 24 hours of studying.

My tests went fine, of course. They usually do, once I buckle down. I just wish I could manage to get prepared in advance, rather than just cramming at the last minute!

Anyway, that's why I don't have any witty stories or cute pictures of Buddy. I'm hoping to do something fun with him for Earth Day tomorrow though, so expect something then! 

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