Friday, April 8, 2011


So, this is me.

This is my buddy.
Those were our fancy pictures. In real life, we look more like this:

Mama is 22, Buddy is 4. We are a cute little family, the 2 of us! Of course, Buddy has a dad (no immaculate conception here), but he's off on his own. Buddy sees him for a day or 2 a week.

Anyway, this is probably the boring intro post, so I apologize in advance. But just to share some actual life, I'll tell ya a story about yesterday :)

Buddy didn't take a nap at preschool yesterday. Now, he's 4, so he's on the verge of not needing the nap anymore. Sometimes if he skips it he's fine, but sometimes he's a ROYAL TERROR. Yesterday was one of the latter days. There was no way to please the kid!
Buddy wanted a snack, but didn't want any food known to man. Banana? No. String cheese? No. Raisins? No. My fault that I couldn't offer him anything he wanted, of course.
Next, Buddy wanted to take a bath, but didn't want to get undressed. My fault again, that I couldn't come up with some way to make that happen.
Buddy wanted to read, but didn't want to pick out books. He also didn't want ME to pick out books. Of course, my fault that I couldn't figure out how to read a book that neither he nor I picked off the shelf.
It went on like this all night. Good thing he's a cute kid, because he was NOT cute last night!

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